Since its founding in 1987, Wingate has been investing in manufacturing, distribution, and services businesses across a wide variety of basic industries.  We make controlling equity investments in middle-market companies that are typically between $50 million and $250 million in revenues. Our philosophy is to create value by supporting management in their efforts to improve the operations of its portfolio companies. The Partners of Wingate have substantial senior-level operating experience and extensive careers in acquiring and advising companies.

We seek to acquire businesses in either of two categories:

  1. Industries in transition, which consists of companies that are well-managed and have a record of solid operating performance but are in industries undergoing significant change (as a result of industry consolidation, channel shifts, overcapacity, cycles, etc.); and
  2. Under-performing companies, which includes those with substandard operating performance that may be unprofitable or marginally profitable.

Approximately half of Wingate’s past investments have been in each category.


Wingate has acquired platform companies in 29 industries and completed a total of 89 acquisitions. The cumulative revenue of these companies exceeds $7 billion. Wingate’s past investments have been in a broad array of manufacturing, distribution and services industries.

Three areas of particular expertise include route-based and wholesale distribution, paper & packaging and industrial services. Wingate has built two of the country’s leading wholesale distributors, both with revenues of over $1 billion. Additionally, Wingate has acquired several leading industrial service businesses including consulting, engineering, and logistically intensive route businesses.

Approximately half of Wingate’s historic investments have been in under-performing companies including turnaround situations and companies with negative cash flow.

Wingate’s professionals bring not only extensive investment experience but also significant operating and consulting experience as a resource to portfolio companies.